Dario Colloi


Positive Outlook

When I work I always strive to have a positive outlook. Although, at times, some aspects are tricky, I try […]


I get emotional when I see the joy of event attendees and customer satisfaction. In this case, events are associated […]

Possibilities an Skills

  My roots go back to the world of sport, from which I have received and learnt a lot. The […]

Constructive Failure

In events and in any kind of project I go through, I always make an analysis of the things that […]

Mistakes Sometimes Lead To Success

When we decide to tackle something more complex than our own experience, we are faced with limits and, thus, with […]

The Success Of The Team

There is no doubt that a successful event is the result of synergetic cooperation among all stakeholders. The result never […]

The Manager As The Coach

Even though I don’t practice as a professional athlete anymore, I’m still a sports person inside. This nature often supports […]

Management Studies

I find it stimulating to provide training because the interaction and debate with learners, at all levels, enriches me with […]

Excellence as awareness of what we do

In 2020, when events were “banned” during the pandemic, I undertook a process to define, structure, position and communicate “Colloi […]

The Power of Communication

Pre-event briefing with all stakeholders is very important. First, I draw attention pointing out a story and then asking questions […]

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