Positive Outlook

When I work I always strive to have a positive outlook. Although, at times, some aspects are tricky, I try to smooth the edges off and find a key that leads satisfactorily to the result. I also believe that conveying a positive attitude affects team performance.


According to Daniel Goleman, psychologist and award-winning author on emotional intelligence, optimism is an outright skill that can be learned and developed. Having a positive outlook means, in fact, being able to see an opportunity even in a situation which, at first sight, appears as an obstacle. Our way of thinking and acting is the result of a choice, whether conscious or not. The decision to move towards optimism, that is, to seize opportunities, to grant confidence, to value the positive aspects of situations and to look towards the future with hope, is a choice we can all make. 


At first glance, both optimism and pessimism can have advantages and disadvantages. The optimist shows greater proactivity but can run the risk of underestimating difficulties and dangers, thus acting instinctively and heedlessly. The pessimist, on the other hand, may adopt an extremely cautious attitude and, being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, risks missing good opportunities. 


During an event, I prefer an optimistic approach: focus on positive aspects in order to exploit weaknesses and critical points as well and turn them into strengths; having a positive attitude stimulates positive emotions and positive emotions increase performance and productivity. 


Beware, however, that excessive optimism can lead to disregarding certain risks and become the cause of failure. I therefore try to maintain a realistic optimism, being aware that we live in a faulty and chaotic world, where difficulties are the order of the day, and trying to face everything with courage, strength and determination, not giving in to negativity. 


The positive outlook thus also becomes a tool for detecting and overcoming hindrances and unforeseen events.

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