Empathy and kindness

Working with great chefs and, more generally, with the catering industry is a good training ground for me to learn the art of hospitality. I do not think it is exaggerated to define it as an art form: hospitality elevates the quality of service, enhances the chefs’ dishes, warms up a wonderful place, makes an event charming.

Hospitality and empathy are astonishing and make people feel good. A guest welcomed by a staff that works from the heart and shows a sincere interest in his or her well-being, making him or her feel the recipient of exclusive care and attention, will feel special and go home happy and satisfied.

In the same way, a good event manager must train his or her staff: empathy and kindness are crucial. 

Empathy helps to understand others, to establish good and positive relationships. It regulates the flow of emotions and prevents them from significantly conditioning actions. It thus facilitates cooperation in the working environment.

Kindness, not just meant as good manners and politeness, is a powerful tool that makes you feel good and optimistic. Kindness is a value that brings positive energy and makes the team effective and productive. If preserved and nourished, it allows you to create “a world people want to belong to”. 

Going back to the world of catering, a good host makes everyone feel welcomed with joy and attention.

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