What does event mean?

If we leaf through any dictionary, go to the fifth letter of the alphabet and look up the word event, we will read: ‘noun originating from Latin-fact or circumstance that has already occurred or may occur’. Regardless of the etymology of the word event, what we are interested in is the concept of event as organisation and management of projects. Every event has a project in it: there is no such thing as an event without a defined programme and plan!

But what does project mean? A non-repetitive activity, aimed at achieving a goal in a certain period of time, through the joint effort of a team.

A non-repetitive activity: this because each event is unique; there can be similar events, but never identical. This aspect underlines the importance of approaching each individual event as a unique challenge, to be set by carefully studying its features in order to identify its own operational peculiarities.
A challenge aimed at achieving the event’s goal, which must always be clear, explicit and shared: the more definite and shared the goal, the more likely it is to be achieved.
Everything must be concluded within a certain time frame: every event has a starting point and must have a deadline.
Achieving a goal requires a joint effort of a team of people. They are the cornerstone of an event, they need to feel confident, well prepared and motivated to work carefully.

This explanation of the concept of event is what I teach in my first lesson to students in tourist accommodation at ‘Carlo Porta’ Institute in Milan. I then add to the explanation the section related to the ‘wow effect’, experience, emotion, empathy and fun.

Every event definitely has specific features, it differs in purpose, type and target. But to put the project into practice, you can’t just improvise, you need a professional: the Meeting & Event Manager. The Meeting & Event Manager is a professional who is responsible for planning, development and implementation, in collaboration with other professionals, on the basis of agreed goals and the specific features of the event.
It is a complex job, and it is not a chance that Standard 11786 mentions 33 methodological tasks as Meeting & Event Manager rather than the 39 processes of project management.

At Colloi Plus we carry out all types of event and, when necessary, we are supported by other specialist partners to meet a wider range of requirements. In addition to our certified skills, we add others to make our events as satisfying as possible for our clients.

In conclusion, an event means all and nothing; its true worth is accomplished by those who realise it and how. 

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