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My roots go back to the world of sport, from which I have received and learnt a lot. The precious lessons I have learnt from sport are discipline, concentration and confidence to train my mind and improve performance. Discipline should be understood as a lifestyle, as commitment and responsibility for what you want to achieve. In our minds, thoughts travel numerous and easily on other tracks than the ones we are on: training concentration, thus, helps to have a clear focus and not get distracted. Self-confidence creates a solid belief in one’s own competences, groundwork and skills, as a basis for undertaking a goal.

Over the years, I have realised that by applying these teachings also in the meeting industry, I can improve performance and project success.


While putting the teachings into practice, I often have to deal with the so-called mental traps, i.e. automatic choice paths that we often do not recognise as such and of which we are unaware, but which we have to be careful of because they can affect decisions, limit openness of vision, increase the level of stress and anxiety, and even lead to making wrong decisions.


Even more, my commitment is aimed at overcoming the rigidity of mental schemes and trying to transform vicious circles into virtuous ones: not limiting growth and always trying to improve in order to achieve goals by opening up an endless horizon of possibilities.


From sport I take another trick: when evaluating employees, you must consider the their self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the judgement, expectations and beliefs that we have in our own possibilities and skills in completing our tasks; it has a deep influence on our abilities and behaviour, hence on the outcome of our performance.


Personally, I strive to transmit to my employees confidence in themselves and in their skills, to seek strategies to reduce the psychological factor that negatively influences performance, such as creating comfortable situations or not putting them under pressure, not making them feel performance anxiety. I believe it is crucial to highlight and enhance the skills of each employee by making him/her live positive experiences, seeing in others a valuable help to successful work.


Thanks to my role as a trainer for CONI Lombardy, I am happy to be back in sport and to be able to give something back to this world.

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