Motivation and determination to come up with a great idea

Yes, Meeting & Event Manager and Project Manager are certified qualifications which, I cannot hide, reward my professional career: more than ten years’ experience in organising and managing projects. These are certainly accomplishments that further encourage me to go on, to improve, to reach new goals.

After all, coming from the world of sport, competition is something that has always been with me: not necessarily to be number one, although that can be the ambition, but as a commitment to give your best and excel in what you do.

At the heart of the work of a project manager there must be the motivation to do better and the orientation to results, as well as behavioural competency and strong interpersonal skills. In fact, the project manager must be able to:
– provide leadership
– negotiate and reach agreements with his employees, suppliers, clients and, more generally, with all the parties involved in the project
– know how to promote cooperation among all stakeholders
– identify, manage and solve as best as possible any issue that may affect the achievement of the project goals.

Motivation is an inner drive that feeds the desire to act, to commit oneself to one’s goals. I like to use this analogy: a spring that the more you compress it, the more it jumps when released. Two main kinds of motivation can be identified:
– intrinsic motivation when people are involved in an activity out of their own desire, willingness;
– extrinsic motivation used to motivate co-workers and team with both tangible and intangible rewards.

My intrinsic motivation is linked to passion, which you don’t have to give up because it leads you to achieve your dreams, to do what you like, and that’s great luck!
When I was very young I was passionate about golf, becoming a professional athlete and coach.
Then my curiosity led me first to the organisation of sporting events, and later to the realisation of corporate and private events outside the golf industry.

To embark on new paths, you certainly need passion and a good idea, but to move ahead, you also need training, determination and curiosity towards the future.

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